CO2 - Laser

The C-LAS is the ideal CO2 laser for cosmetic surgery and many ENT applications. The compact table-top system comes with either mirror arm or WaveGuide. Both of these systems can be individually supplemented with a scanner.


Laser for surgery
Treatments with a CO2 laser are characterized by a very successful healing process – there remain often no scars after treatments on the surface. By wrinkle removal, skin resurfacing and streamlining takes place.

C-LAS Articulated Arm

Fiber or articulated arm?
The decision depends on your needs. The waveguide technology allows a very flexible application of the laser with a high mobility level. The option with an articulated arm suits pefectly for colposcopy and micromanipulators.


The smallest "CO2 + KTP"-like laser system for coagulation, vaporisation non-bloody surgeries with all advantages of a razor-sharp scalpel - united in one extremely flexible glass fibre. Join the TruBlue revolution!

WOLF TruBlue

The growing demand for non-contact surgery procedures causing less necrosis drove development towards this new surgery system which provides a much higher flexibility than a CO2 laser.
TruBlue is our smallest "CO2 + KTP"-like laser unit for coagulation, vaporization and bloodless surgery. It incorporates the unique benefit of a razor-sharp scalpel inside an extremely flexible glass fiber.


A diode laser is a laser that creates its light with the use of laser diodes, meaning with semiconductor materials. Laser diodes are frequently housed in a shared casing with a photodiode. The advantages of laser diodes are:

  • very compact design
  • easy pumping through electric power
  • comparatively high optical level of efficiency
  • long maintenance intervals


Exact and reliable
The FOX from A.R.C. Laser is the only calibrateable laser worldwide. No other system has such an advantage. Our FOX laser is the only one which can reliably provide you with the adjusted output power.
FOX sets new standards in security.


Small, versatile and powerful
The WOLF - optional with 980, 1064 or 1470 nm - has the potential for a big amount of applications. The laser is designed for giving up to 18 watt output power.
The WOLF gains significance through qualitiy, design and the art of processing.


More Power - More Possibilities
The CHIROLAS has an output power of 40 watt at the fiber end.
This high-performance IR diode laser thus possesses sufficient power for a multitude of applications.


Flexible - Versatile - User-friendly
The laser system with a variable penetration depth. Apply your laser beam in two different wavelengths or a mixture of both. This means a high grade of flexibility for you as a surgeon and maximum comfort for your patients.
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